e.Go Life, a citycar low cost German that is being sold to 12.000 €

A start-up German proposes a small urban electric, with prices similar to a citycar with gasoline engine. Their debut is planned for 2018.

Orna a German company created it small citycar, a car of only 3,35 meters of length with a provision of type 2+2, that is to say with room for two occupants in the seats in front and two children or two adults on short trips in the back seats.

this Is the e.Go Life, an electric developed by E. GO Mobile AG in collaboration by the University of Aachen and the German firm Bosch, equipped with a electric motor of 22 kW (30 HP), in conjunction with a lithium-ion batteries 14.4 kWh, a set that allows you to achieve the 140 km of autonomy. For those who require travel greater distances there will be others around batteries 19.2 kWh, that will extend its range by 30%.

Its weight without batteries is 650 kilograms, while its acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h is 4.9 seconds. One of the advantages of the e.Go Life is that you can count on with the assistance network of Bosch Car Service.

The e.Go Life will hit the market in 2018, with a starting price of 15,900 euros, which, thanks to the incentives offered by the government of Germany for vehicles with zero emissions, will go down to the 11.900 euros, well below other similar models and in line with the city’s conventional gasoline engine.

The ambitious business plan of the company foresees a production of 10,000 vehicles per year.