Eagle is launched to the swimming pool and you will be selling your Spyder GT

Eagle Spyder GT

The automotive world is full of brands that, although they are not very well known, have contributed to the sector’s many joys. Eagle is one of them, and in a moment I’m going to place where it comes from and where it is going. This small mark was founded in Suxxex United Kingdom (uk) in the year 1982 and was born with the mission of to restore Jaguar E-Type that were in bad conditions. However with time their aspirations have been growing, and little by little has managed to produce by hand their own models, although as is obvious, all based on the mythical model of the home of the feline.

first car back to life was the Eagle E-Type Speedster Rick Velaj and after its delivery to the owner started work on the restoration and modification of this and other models until our days. With the time and the excitement that rose up, the customers had asked for more units the initially restored and now, after this good reception began the production (small series) of the same Speedster of Velaj but for other customers.

Eagle Spyder GT

As well them things are going that has a day of today the company continues to grow. So now I have been thrown into the pool and released to the market the Eagle Spyder GT. This model follows on the basis of the Jaguar E-Type although its body and mechanical parts are revised and updated to meet safety and environment. The main difference in design with his brother, the Speedster is that your windshield is higher and inclined allowing better protection of the air and turbulence. In addition, the model comes to the market with a collapsible roof.

Eagle Spyder GT

To make each of the units that are committed need to have two elements. The first is that the customer who wants an Eagle Spyder GT should have a Jaguar E-Type classic as a donor platform and mechanical layout. The second comes from the hand, the time and the expertise of the artisans of Eagle. The reason is that the manufacture of these jewels takes a few 250 days or more than 6,000 hours of work.

in Addition to its unique design, this small roadster two-seater, and other attractions. The first is that your weight is lower than that of a Mazda MX-5 and if we join this to a gasoline engine with six cylinders in line and 4.7 liters of displacement, we have an explosive combination. All of this is adorned by the 246 bhp of power and 460 Nm of torque provides the driver with this mechanic. In addition, he manages to cover a maximum speed of 275 kilometers per hour and closes the zero to hundred kilometres per hour in just 5 seconds.

The only problem I see to this car is that produce only six units and the price of output is encrypted in 1.4 million. Gentlemen, to look in the pockets of the jackets of old, to see if between all of the pocket change we put together for one hahaha

Source – Eagle