Ecclestone: “a Lot of people relate to Alonso with Mercedes, but I would expect”


Bernie Ecclestone have to face up to the current champion of the Formula 1 and see how it can affect commercially to the category. Nico Rosberg announced his withdrawal five days after winning the title in Abu Dhabi and now Mercedes have to find a substitute.

Bernie Ecclestone has already foreshadowed that she would like Fernando Alonso the chosen one, surely by the history he has with Lewis Hamilton. “a Lot of people are linking Alonso with Mercedes, but I would expect to see what decision it takes on the computer. Is a great rider, no doubt,”, stated in London to the news agency PTI.

with Regard to the progress of Rosberg, Bernie acknowledges that “it is true that it is not as popular as Lewis, but Nico is a pilot very popular. So his absence is certainly not good for Formula 1”, but it also claims that the German has not reached the level of other champions of the category. “Well, only say that it is a Champion of the World. Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, they have won obviously more than a few times and have gotten more. So simply call to Nico (Rosberg) Champion of the World and nothing more”.