Ecclestone believes that Mercedes and Ferrari can destroy F1


Formula 1 moves on a balance of forces dangerous, according to Bernie Ecclestone. Despite the last resolution of the World Council of Motor that gives more power to the own Ecclestone and Jean Todt on topics of special urgency, the pattern of the category considered that Ferrari and Mercedes are putting in danger the F1. The specific weight that have as their main riders in the Formula 1 causes the Group Strategy not be able to decide with responsibility and effectiveness the steps to follow to improve the category, as they only look for their own interest.

“When Toto Wolff raises her hand and says that the Christmas day is celebrated on the 26th of December, everyone is in agreement. It is as well and the same goes with Ferrari,” says Bernie Ecclestone in an exclusive interview in the ‘BBC’. Ecclestone also believes that: “There are all kinds of things that we know we can and must do for that F1 returns to the site where you should be, because we are in a world of spectacle. We’re here to entertain the public. we are Not to put on a show which shows cars from Mercedes and Ferrari”.


Bernie Ecclestone showed antagonized by the opposition of
Mercedes and Ferrari to the proposal for a separate engine
, but also by
the letter sent from the Italian firm after the recent World Council of
Engine. According to Ecclestone, Ferrari was the only one that refused to accept the delivery of power
has made in favour of Bernie and Todt: The only thing I can do is
ignore what Ferrari has said
and continue with it. You have a choice, go to the Committee
of Arbitration for Sport and see what they think. I think that if it were the case,
we would win easily”.

Although Mercedes and Ferrari motorized, eight of the eleven
of the grill and therefore they have a clear influence on their
respective customers, Ecclestone understood that F1 is more important that the manufacturers present and hence wants to end this dangerous duopoly:
“In the fund we are helping a manufacturer, because there is not much
difference with the type of engines that Ferrari makes. we do Not want to destroy the F1 by a few manufacturers that will leave the category when they want, as
others have done it. BMW and Toyota were when they wanted to”.