Ecclestone believes that women should not be taken seriously in F1

Bernie EcclestoneBernie Ecclestone is a source of controversy, it seems that the pattern of the Formula 1 every time he talks generated some controversy. I even remember a few years ago when he defended the arrival of a woman into F1 because he was interested in for your business, but today it seems to not want anything of this situation and has made quite a few statements of machismo in terms of the female gender in the motorsport.

Mr. And has stated that “I don’t know any woman physically capable of piloting a Formula 1 car so fast.” in the Adverstising Week Europe. As they say, every time Bernie talks up the bread and this time in this event in London has not been different from the rest. I personally do not understand the attitude of Bernie, sometimes tells truths that nobody dares to say and other stupid things extreme, in terms of the interests yes I can come to understand that one day say one thing and another the contrary if that fattens your bank account.

Bernie EcclestoneAlthough I do not think that we do really need the money… however has done it again and has released this kind of pearls as I chatted with the president of the company WPP Martin Sorell, and which have been collected by the Guardian newspaper. I honestly do not understand how can help the Formula 1 to be a sport more interesting and you forget that there are quite a few women who see the F1 and thanks to them also are paying for the emission rights that give eating or their luxuries. But not content with that opinion, the british said after the previous ruling that “should not be taken seriously.“.

And the boss ended up talking to Vladimir Putin, who has already spoken on other occasions, “I Am 100% in favour of Britain leaving the European Union. I think that Europe has become less important, final point. why Putin? Should be leading Europe. We should just get rid of Brussels and he will simply be at the helm. He does not say that you are going to do, he does the work. I mean that people do not understand exactly what he wants. You want to put it back to Russia where it was.“. But far from staying at ease speaks also of Donald Trump,I Think that would be fantastic (as president)” and is also in close agreement with the immigration in your country, curious taking into account that he was married to a Croatian and now with a brazilian…