Ecclestone criticises the evil arts of Ferrari and Mercedes


Photo: Ferrari

Follows the struggle between the government of the Formula 1, and the maximum players. Ecclestone still lashing out against the two teams leading the today, Ferrari and Mercedes, which is accused of torpedoing the arrival of other manufacturers of engines and prevent the rest of the teams can compete equally with them. On this occasion, has referred to the V6 engines that are supplied to various equipment. In the case of Mercedes (for 2016) will be to Williams, Force India and Manor, and in the case of Ferrari Sauber, Haas and Toro Rosso. However, says Bernie, the thrusters that give them these customers are of lower power than that they mounted on their cars, which eliminates any chance they get to catch up.

And defended it in a radio canada, as reflected in Autosprint: “Mercedes provided to three small teams and, of course, what it offers is a less powerful engine that the one that has the official team, so there are rid of three teams. The other three are supplied by Ferrari in exactly the same way, and his power unit, although it is not as powerful as the Mercedes, is approaching. But the client computers do not have such a good engine, and we are left with the reality that Ferrari and Mercedes compete alone against each other”. Therefore, according to the british, the task of being an opposition to the two brands most powerful falls on McLaren, Renault and Red Bull, which are the only three that are not receiving power unit, German or Italian.

Ecclestone returned to criticize the current V6: “they Are very complicated and expensive, are a problem. Before there was a single motor, in addition to the Ferrari and had more equality”. The solution, points out Bernie, it passes through to simplify the rules and allow access from other bikers: “We are in a process of changing this. We have to do more simple these engines to consent to the entry of other builders”. Beyond boosters, Bernie discussed how he sees the season that will start in march, as he does not believe that no one can beat Mercedes: “I would like to say yes, but I can’t. The base is a great team, the engine is better than any other and have one of the best pilots. It will be difficult to batirles”.