Ecclestone denies the rumors about a GP1 rival of the Formula 1


The output of Bernie Ecclestone of the Formula 1 continues to give of what to speak, and will continue to do so probably for a good time. The effects of his stay of almost 40 years at the forefront of the category have left a legacy that will last for a long time, in many everyday aspects of the same, as well as in the business, those who Liberty Media seeks to revitalise to give the impetus that the Great Circus requires. Still, since some circles have criticized the ways that the old boss would have been “forced” to leave his position.

In recent memory, still rumbles the 2009 negotiations to renew the Agreement of the Concordia with the FIA came to get complicated in such a way that preparations were begun for a new category to parallel that would start in 2010. Although everything was a feint, Ecclestone, who planned to support the teams in their initiative, registered the term “GP1”, which possesses to this day.

The evening of last Wednesday, a tweet of the reputed journalist Peter Windsor fanned the rumors about a possible category rival of the Formula 1 led by Bernie Ecclestone: “The response when a luminario F1 was asked in private how he was going to Mr. E: ‘Is preparing a separate category’. I do not ríais”.

This possibility, however, has been denied by the Ecclestone, which has come to pass this and other similar information that have been published in the last 48 hours. In the press release published by Reuters, ‘Mr. E’ says that it has no intention of destroying the championship that he controlled for so many years: “I Want to make a clarification with respect to the rumors that I’m going to start a category for them to compete with the World of Formula 1. I have built the championship for almost the last 50 years, something that I’m proud, and the last thing you would want is to see it damaged“.

Also, express your confidence in the new leadership of the Formula 1, stressing that they will have different responsibilities and obligations which he possessed, and which will be positive for the economic and social growth of the category:

The new owner of the company will be able to manage it in a way different from mine, which was to produce financial results for shareholders, the normal actions of a chief executive. This is what I have done for the various shareholders in the past few years, and also when it controlled 100% of the company. I would have loved to have the luxury of that Chase Carey will be able to do. I hope the fans of Formula 1 appreciate, Chase intends to put money back into the sport.”

Ecclestone also took the opportunity to manifest itself on the messages of support he has received during this last week: I Am very moved by the support and acknowledgements that I’ve received from the people I have treated over the years“.