Ecclestone disappointed with the season of Rosberg


Photo: Mercedes

With Hamilton and Mercedes by repeating the title, the biggest difference between this season and the previous one is the weak resistance that has done Nico Rosberg, in comparison to what we saw in 2014. It is for this reason that the course in 2015 has been, in the opinion of many, more boring than its predecessor, despite the fact that we have seen exciting races. So thinks also Bernie Ecclestone, who spoke to the publication, brazilian UOL at Interlagos, where will be held the next race, the penultimate of the year. The british hoped that Mercedes is imposed on their rivals, but are disappointed with the little struggle that has existed between their drivers: “I am Not concerned that the title has been decided before, because the car is better than the other, but I think that Nico could have done a better job this year”.

has Always been riders above the rest, but never saw as well, according to Ecclestone: “This has already happened before with Schumacher or Vettel, but was never as now,”. The pilot has a greater chance of disputing the crown to Hamilton threw in the towel soon: “Nico fell out of the fight too soon. In Mexico we were able to see how he won the race with ease, so surely will try to come to Brazil to repeat it,”. Bernie compares the current situation at Mercedes with the McLaren at the time of Senna and Prost: “Do You remember a competition of only McLaren, but with two drivers fighting each other? In a certain way, Hamilton attracts all the focuses of attention this year, and no one seems to worry about others“.

Ecclestone is not the first that points to the low competitiveness of Rosberg in this championship. A few days ago, Button claimed that, if he or Vettel would lead the other silver arrow, Hamilton would not be so quiet. On the other hand, ‘Mr E‘ confesses he is still looking for the way that Formula 1 will return to be as attractive as it is in their best lap times: “I Think that we have to offer a better show than what we are giving”. In that sense, expect much of the regulation within two years: “I Think everything will improve in 2017, with security.” With the hopes that show both the pilots and the owner of the commercial rights in that season, we hope that the time passes quickly.