Ecclestone does not hide his desire for Hamilton to be champion


Bernie Ecclestone has never been a man politically correct and not inclined to hide their preferences, on the other hand purely based on marketing. Has always expressed its rejection of the periods of the domain -regardless of what teams you enjoy it – and the same can be said in what pilots are referring to.

But, on this occasion, Bernie Ecclestone has based its preference for Lewis Hamilton in the character, so believes that Nico Rosberg will project the image too conventional and far removed from the controversy that he likes so much to the magnate of the british.

Ecclestone assures, in statements Daily Mail, “if Nico (Rosberg) to win the title, it would be good for him and for Mercedes, but not necessarily would be something that would help the sport, because there is nothing to write about him. Not even help in Germany”, says Ecclestone, who ends up ensuring that “you need someone like Lewis (Hamilton)” to be able to sell the product properly.