Ecclestone, expectant as to the path that will take Liberty Half


Following the approval definitely the purchase of the Formula 1 by Liberty Media, it is expected that the operation can be completed before the end of the current quarter. And, as a consequence, the position of Bernie Ecclestone may vary or, even, dangerous.

has admitted the own Ecclestone in a statement made to Associated Press in which it confirms that, when they started the purchase process in September of 2016, he was asked to stay three more years to prepare for the transition to a new work computer to replace an Ecclestone now 86 years old. “That was exactly what I asked for. In fact we’re going to try to bring together people who can deal with all of the things, like sponsorship and things like that. As I said, is to see how we are to operate”.

But the way that Liberty Media is taking does not fit at all with some of the ideas that Bernie Ecclestone has been enacting in the past few years and the replacement could precipitate. “We have to see how it conforms to the company, they are not my terms, is to see what is the path they wish to take. It is something that was going to happen also. Had to think of something in case I was not because I died or I see something happen. When we knew that this people would buy, we took a step back and think: ‘wait, because they are the owners and depends on them to decide who or what they want'”, concluded Ecclestone.