Ecclestone: “Formula 1 as a company will remain the same”


Bernie Ecclestone has given an interview at the official website of the F1 in that it has made a remarkable survey of the present of the category. The arrival of Liberty Media, the structure of the championship, the big stars of the same or the situation of Ferrari have been some of the aspects that has touched the CEO of the Formula One Group during this interview. However, the most prominent feature is the peace of mind with Bernie express the few changes that are going to live the Formula 1 in spite of the promises made.

In this aspect, Ecclestone believes that: I can assure the fans that Formula 1 as a company will remain the same. There will be No changes, there can be a different shareholder, and the only thing that changes is that these shareholders have a profile more commercial that CVC Capital Partners. That is all. CVC owns a company called Sky Bet, which is very important in England. But in the end the concept of the game was not considered appropriate”. Even more blunt has been shown to Bernie by responding with a categorical “not” on if it will see changes as early as next year.

Another important aspect is the Agreement of the Concord, covenant, which according to Ecclestone also does not suffer too many changes: We have an agreement with the teams and that will stay as it is. There will be the usual discussions for the renewal of the agreement with the teams. It is a trade agreement, we’ll see what happens”. By way of opinion, Ecclestone himself who believes that teams should include less aspects: “Although it has nothing to do with the Agreement of the Concordia and, if with the Strategy Group, the problem is that the computers are charging too much. That seems to go a little bit in one direction equivocada”.


The Grand Prix of Germany, again in doubt for 2017, is another aspect that Ecclestone has valued during the interview: “Still there is nothing sure, but we are trying to make is disputand. It seems that the promoter may not make it viable, you can’t pay the fee and it is a very discounted price. It is not fair to pay a fee much lower than other european countries. We are trying to keep everyone in the same amount. Such vezno want to the Formula 1. It is very strange seeing your story and having several champions and a successful team. I do not know who more they may have”.

Ecclestone: “it is Not fair for Germany to pay a lesser fee than other european countries”.

Sebastian Vettel is one of the German pilots. Enlisted at Ferrari, Ecclestone has not hesitated to assess the ‘crisis’ of the Scuderia: “I Think what you need Arrivabene is a good backup as the Mercedes. With support, they would win races, even though I am sure that you will see a Ferrari differently next year. Now Ferrari has turned to be a very Italian new. So do not envy you the work of Maurizio. I would not like to do so”.

On Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, Ecclestone has stated: “Lewis is a bit special, as a person and as a pilot. He is doing a great job. We need half a dozen of Lewis on the grid. The position of Max is that he wants to be there, wants to win. He has the quality and the talent to do so. He is running and that is what we are supposed to do because it is assumed that the pilots of Formula 1 compete with each other”.