Ecclestone: “I’m Not worried about losing the F1 in Britain, I am concerned about Silverstone”


After meeting in the first week of 2017 that the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC) raises to waive the celebration of the Formula 1 at Silverstone, Bernie Ecclestone has wanted to give his vision of the situation.

responsible for managing the commercial rights of the category and, therefore, the one who negotiates contracts of the circuits to form part of the calendar of Big Prizes, believes that it is time to analyze the causes that have led to Silverstone to take losses despite an influx of public mass each year.

Ecclestone said in a statement to the ITV british managers Silverstone “they say they have been losing money, the people do not understand why, the circuit is filled, other countries do not have as many spectators as we have and do not have the same problems”, pointing out in addition that it is “a pity that our government does not help out a little bit, because it is good for England, good for business, good for all”.

In any case, Ecclestone reassures british fans by ensuring that Formula 1 will continue to visit England, although it is far less certain who’s going to do in Silverstone. “we’re Not going to lose the Formula 1 in Great Britain, we may be a year without it, but in normal conditions everything will be fine. We don’t want to lose Silverstone, that’s for sure, so we’ll have to see what exactly is going on or what the problems are. In England we have two other opportunities, not circuits: opportunities. I’m not going to tell anyone where, as we will see. I’m not worried about losing the Formula 1 in England, I am worried about losing the Formula 1 at Silverstone”, said Ecclestone to end.