Ecclestone: “Liberty bought the car and wanted to drive”


Bernie Ecclestone was removed from the management of the Formula 1 when Liberty Media took total control in the month of January. To perform the work by the octogenarian british, the american company was created by a group of three people with different jobs to do: Chase Carey in the chair, Ross Brawn in the area of sports and Sean Bratches in the economic.

Ecclestone was awarded with a charge of presidency honorable, but the reality is that it already has no influence in the day-to-day of the Formula 1. Himself Ecclestone has given an interview to Sky Sports acknowledging that he would have preferred to spend more time at the front, but Liberty wanted to do things in another way. “I would have asked to work with me a little more. Wait a year and then say: ‘what did Not work? Sorry, you will have to leave’. But every person is operating the companies in a different way, obviously. I think this is how they operate many us companies. Let us be quite sensible about it: they bought the car and wanted to drive it”.

Bernie Ecclestone has wanted to defend his management of the Formula 1, arguing that if things were indeed as bad as it has been mentioned, the actions that LIberty Media acquired would have been a lot cheaper. “I Think people are confused a little. These people have said, Chase (Carey) has said, that I didn’t do a very good job in the last three years. I think I did, CVC (Capital Partners) also believe it, I managed to produce 1,500 million annual revenue. Maybe if he had done a bad job, could have bought shares cheaper”, said the briton, who has been at the forefront of Formula 1 for four decades.