Ecclestone: “Mercedes does not generate sympathy. Ferrari yes, win or lose”


Photo: Ferrari

As always speaking, Bernie Ecclestone analyzed with total sincerity the differences between the two teams, who have dominated the last world, Ferrari and Mercedes. Unlike the italians, who have a social mass behind regardless of the outcome, the arrow of silver, defends Ecclestone, should their fans to their victories: “people like who wins, it is obvious, and it is the reason why Mercedes has support. But Ferrari has a base of fans incredible, though, that losing. That’s not what has Mercedes, and what we’ll see when they start to lose. They are not a newcomer, always have been, but they have a risk: the public thinks that with the money they have they should win. Don’t have any sympathy genuine, and that it is necessary. If they win, I don’t think many people feel sympathy for them”.

he Also spoke about pilots. The passage of Vettel to Ferrari is the best thing that could happen to the German, according to Ecclestone: “Is 100% the right decision. Now it is more open and free than it was in the Red Bull, and it is strange because there I could do whatever I wanted. It feels very comfortable now in Ferrari and I’m happy for him. Things and people change and for him it was good, I needed a change of scenery”. Compared to the four-time champion with another German who triumphed in Maranello. Michael Schumacher: “Are two completely different people, you can’t know which is better. Are different, Michael was a special person, very reserved, but not under the eyes of the fans. Then, when you pilot for Ferrari, you attract immediately other followers: he has to the fans of the Scuderia and to yours”.

finally, opined on the problems in Formula 1: “I see things as they are and not as I want them to be. Do you think that it is fair that a former champion like Fernando Alonso is at the bottom of the grill? Is it fair that a driver who qualifies third, change the engine and comes out the 13th? Formula 1 is crap. Now we have to see these things, that the public does not understand: the spectators view the race, you know that one has ranked second or third, but after the part in the middle of the grill because it has replaced engine or gearbox. We can solve these problems, but we can’t wait several aƱos…”.