Ecclestone re-roll: V8 engines and potential demand to Red Bull

Bernie EcclestoneEvery time he speaks Bernie Ecclestone something happens, because that leaves no one indifferent. It has now turned to talk of your business is, the F1, and have been assured that if Red Bull signed to participate in the competition, and decide to leave, Ecclestone could sue them. The magnate british has ensured that Red Bull should have been cautious and have been assured that had the engine before signing for your participation to 2016.

Already threatened a few days ago with the departure of the Red Bull Formula 1 could cost very expensive, but now ensures that: “Red Bull could stand up in court and say: ‘Yes, we have a commitment, but we don’t have an engine’. My argument would be: You signed the contract to compete. you Should have insured when you signed this contract that you had a biker.”. This has been shown categorically to the newspaper The Independent.

Renault V6 Turbo Híbrido de F1Ecclestone seems to have no friends, his only companion, the money. That was darling team in the glory years with a great friendship that it seems that forged with Christian Horner, now left in the lurch when their incomes are threatened to go from the grill to 4 cars. I hope that this does not happen and that Red Bull and Toro Rosso are in 2016, but Ecclestone seems to bring the shoulder only for her own interest and does not hesitate to “stab you in the back” for the same reason, who yesterday helped.

in Addition to this, it seems to have interests by creating instability in the F1, since it now ensures that “we Could go back to the V8 without the consent of the teams. […] I Think that we should do it by telling them: ‘If you don’t like it, you can go to the court of arbitration’.“. Now that you have spent huge amounts in the V6 Turbo and so have only been used for two seasons, and now Mr. And you crave back that the V8 without waiting for it to “expire” the current V6 whose deadline is set in 2020. In addition this would eliminate the impressive new standards for 2017, that could be very good for the show…

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