Ecclestone: “Rossi in F1 would have been disqualified at Sepang”


Photo: Red Bull

The pattern of the commercial rights of Formula 1 spoke to Gazzetta dello Sport and took stock of what has been this season. Loose a dart poisoned whose recipient is not clear: “Thinking in the worst moments, I am disappointed people who do not keep his word. And many who devote themselves economically from things that do not have the capacity to carry out. As someone who buys a well knowing that he has no money to pay for it”. What positive says it more easy: “the best of the year is summed up in one word: Ferrari. His return to the victory was very important for me and for all the Formula 1. What we were expecting. What has surprised me most is how fast it has gone back to the top. I supported the signing of Vettel by Ferrari and when I saw him cross the finish line in first place in the second race (at Sepang) was fantastic”.

About Vettel, he includes among the best of the Formula 1-contemporary: “A pilot must always be judged in the context in which it is. There are many riders that with the right car they would fight for the victory instead of being anonymous. Vettel had a good car, but it has added a lot of your part, that’s why I put it between the first four of the Formula 1 modern along with Hamilton, Schumacher and Alonso. But Vettel is like Schumacher or Hamilton. In comparison with Michael has a very different character. With respect to Hamilton, has a different mentality and driving. Vettel is unique…”. He also spoke on the recent accident in Hamilton and if you see possible for Rosberg to look for another team: “I told Lewis that I were more careful when driving on public roads. But, how can we not forgive you after a championship as he has done? On the other hand, I think that Rosberg is happy where it is. In addition, Mercedes is happy to have them, so where could be better?”.

young pilots, highlights three names: “I very much Believe in the talent of Kvyat, he has done great things, has a future. But Sainz and Verstappen have numbers also. Why could not go to Verstappen to Ferrari in 2017? Only lack the experience of time”. That would occupy the seat of Raikkonen, to which Ecclestone would be renovated as did the Scuderia: “Are you sure that another, in place of Kimi, do the same things with the Ferrari? I doubt it.” which doubt less is that Monza will continue in the calendar of the next season: “things have been clarified. We will find the right solution, I have no doubt, to maintain the GP of Italy in Monza”.

finally, he also referred to the controversy that accompanied the end of the championship MotoGP, and it is very clear that things would have been different in this sport: “What happened between Rossi and Marquez in Sepang was totally wrong. And also a warning to Formula 1. I’ll give an example: let’s say that Ferrari is fighting for the title, and Mercedes blocks it with one of your client computers, what would happen? Rossi in Formula 1 would have received a black flag, would have been disqualified”. ‘The Doctor’ had flirted with the world of four wheels, but not finally decided: “they Had a couple of opportunities to enter in Formula 1, but on the bikes was at the peak of value and earnings, and here I had to start from scratch, with a lot of doubts. Did well not to be changed”.