Ecclestone seeks to simplify the regulation


Bernie Ecclestone it has been postulated radically against the restrictive rules in terms of piloting on several occasions. But now, as published Motorsport, seeks to enable the Strategy Group to approve a simplification of the rules to make life easier on the pilots.

Ecclestone he commented before the meeting that is being held this Wednesday that “there are many rules for that you need lawyers, doctors and God knows who else to be in F1 today. you can’t repair an old house, better throw it down and start again. (Charlie Whiting) tiene people of surplus, don’t expect”, commented in relation to the regulations which in his opinion should be redrafted from scratch.

“it Is forbidden to compete. ‘Whatever you do, don’t compete'”

For Ecclestone, it is vital to give back to the riders the freedom to compete without fear, and without fear of being punished, except if you performed dangerous maneuvers. “I Think that we should give back to the regulations, it is forbidden to compete. It’s like, ‘whatever you Do, don’t compete’. The pilots spend their career thinking about what they can and can’t do and it is ridiculous. The only thing that should be regulated it is the case that a driver driving in a dangerous manner and causes an accident, it is very easy to”, said Bernie, then send a message to the pilots veterans that complain of the conduct of the young people on the track. The world is changing. You have to think about what made these people (the pilots who complain about the attitude of the young people who come to the F1) when they began to fly. I have not had time, but I would like to look at some of the racing old”.

to Simplify, but without reducing safety

Team Leaders like Toto Wolff give the reason to BernieEcclestone, but it warns that, above all, safety must prevail and must not be neglected. “I agree with him and I think that many of us think that the rules should be more simple. it Is very complicated to follow for the fans, because some things are sanctioned and others are not, but it is also complicated to judge to the commissioners and to Charlie Whiting, so there is no easy solution, but I think that the matter would have to go for the simplification. The safety is most important and I think that is what Charlie has been trying to make. Its role is to protect the safety”.

therefore, Wolff believes that it is necessary to sit calmly and analyze a way of getting to an intermediate point in that safety is not adversely affected through a review of the rules. “we Need to sit down and see how we can improve the show and simplify the rules without putting at risk the safety of any pilot. I think that if we started already to address this issue and push in the right direction, it would be already an achievement”.