Ecclestone smells conspiracy between Ferrari and Mercedes

Bernie EcclestoneBernie Ecclestone, owner of F1, believes that there is an agreement between Ferrari and Mercedes. In addition to the harsh criticism launched by Mr. And in the last few days, coming to say literally that “this F1 is shit,” the president has talked about other interesting topics, such as the continuity of the GP of Germany, which although it is in 2016, lets in the air your participation beyond this year.

Ecclestone does not believe that the new owners of Nurburgring solve the problems for the GP of Germany will continue and anticipates that Hockenheim will return in 2016, but him that serves him not. The GP of Germany has been low this year, as you know, and now an agreement with Hockenheim ensures that there is a presence of F1 in Germany only in 2016, as Bernie anticipates a landscape even more complicated for 2017. It is also not guaranteed the GP of Austin, which could then move to another area of the US

Arrivabene y WolffRegardless of the statements from Ecclestone about the circuit, it has also raised a rumour about a possible agreement between Mercedes and Ferrari: “Not if that is true, but it is what I say. Do nothing the one without the other. […] I Think that there is an agreement between Mercedes and Ferrari. At this point it seems that binds them to a string as if they were siamese twins. […] Mercedes even helped Ferrari at the technical level by what Ferrari has up-to-date and are happy. This means that the two are rowing in the same boat.“.

on the other hand, Mr E does not rule out ending up with the Strategy Group which does not destroy the F1 with their decisions, giving as much decision-making power over the future of Formula 1 at brands such as Ferrari, which has greater power through his right to veto. The director of the FOM also gives signs of hope and strength, “The F1 will never collapse. Even if we had lost to Red Bull and Lotus.”, ensures to Auto Motor und Sport. He also wanted to talk about Red Bull and the case Renault “We are very satisfied. we Support Renault financially for the purchase of Lotus, and to give them an engine to Red Bull, although it is a bit strange that a big company like Renault need this help.“.