Ecclestone supports the 'Brexit', Dennis believes that it will be disastrous


Britain has
with eight of the eleven bases of Formula 1 teams. Only Ferrari,
Toro Rosso and Sauber operate outside of the islands. The famous Motorsport
located in Oxford and its surrounding area, is home to the vast
most actors related to races all around the world
especially of Europe.

Many are
wonder what impact will the departure of Great Britain from the
European union, but the maximum responsible of the Formula 1, Bernie
Ecclestone, believes that nothing will happen and, in statements to
Reuters, recognized that it was in favour of the Brexit. “I’ve supported this
the whole of life. I think that is the best, we should regularnos to us
same. If you have something to sell and it is a good product with the
price is right, people will buy it be chinese, Italian or German…
people will leave this behind and continue with their lives”
Ecclestone currently has a calendar of 21
Great Prizes, of which only seven are held on the floor of the
European Union.

, Chris
, Executive Director of the MIA (Association of the Industry
British Engine), whose sector moves with 13.650 million of
dollars ($12.276 million euros) a year into the economy, supports the
vision of Bernie Ecclestone, arguing that what determines the
racing world are the triumphs
and british industry
it takes years showing that they are the best solution for them.

The strong of the british industry: that ensures victories

“Europe is the
largest market, but also the united States. It’s complicated
find a race somewhere in the world in which it has not
products manufactured in Great Britain
. We have the best place in the
world to the competition of the motor, and Hyundai decided to bring its
team of the world rally championship to Germany. Toyota does not have its base
here. Renault yes, Mercedes also. You can’t win always.
We have the business here because our companies have supplied
winning solutions over the years, if you don’t win, you’re out of
. Not really depends on whether you are or not within the Union
, ends Aylett, very sure that nothing will change.

“Staying in Europe is vital to the prosperity of McLaren

in spite of this, not
we all see it the same way. Ron Dennis said before the vote
in a writing published in The Times, that the exit of his country
European union, it would be a disaster for your company and those who depend on
of it. “(Would have) serious potential consequences. McLaren is
established in Great Britain, over 3,000 families depend on
we, as well as our suppliers are british, and their
employees. Staying in Europe is vital for the prosperity
the business of McLaren”
, Dennis concluded.