Ecclestone: “The female pilot should not be taken seriously”


Bernie Ecclestone never fails to impress when they express their opinions, and this time you have been given a speaker where he talks about hot topics, both related to Formula 1 as with national policy, british and international.

the highest representative of the Formula 1 has been one of the guests in the Advertising Week Europe of London, where a number of personalities to speak on the present and future economic, business and social global. In a conversation with Martin Sorrell, chairman of one of the companies most important marketing in the world, WPP, Ecclestone has commented their points of view about various topics.

Your phrases, collected by The Guardian, they are sufficiently strong as to not add much more:

Women pilot

“I don’t know any woman physically capable of piloting a Formula 1 car quickly and should not be taken seriously. Do more women in executive positions in the future? Of course, are more competent and do not have egos so big”

Vladimir Putin, supreme leader of Europe

“I’m 100% supporter of the output (of Great Britain out of the European Union). I think that Europe has become less important, final point. What Putin? Should be leading Europe. We should just get rid of Brussels and he simpelemente be at the helm. He does not say that you are going to do, he does the work. I mean that people do not understand exactly what he wants… he Wants to put it back to Russia where he was.”

(N. d.R.- Russia is the next Big Prize of the championship of Formula 1 after making these statements.)

Donald Trump, President of the united states

“I Think that would be fantastic (as president). I’m pretty sure that it is more flexible than many of them. If you make a mistake, sure he says, ‘Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time'”

Immigration in Britain

Question: “What Have contributed something to the immigrants to Britain?”

Ecclestone: “No”

Bernie Ecclestone was married to Slavica Radić, a former Croatian model, and she is currently with Fabiana Flosi, a lawyer in brazil. His first wife, Ivy Bamford, of who divorced in the 80s, yes it was English.