Ecclestone to Rosberg: “it Could have worked better this year”

Rosberg y EcclestoneBernie Ecclestone is delighted that Hamilton is champion by your life-style, and the “promotion” which, according to Mr. And makes the Formula 1. But it is not so happy that the championship has been decided in the absence of four races. Ecclestone wants for their interests that the championships are the most exciting and hotly contested until the last appointment with in order to keep the audience until the last race.

therefore, due to the superiority of Mercedes, Ecclestone has “scolded” Nico Rosberg, since he was the only one that had the same car to lengthen more the championship and the German come with options to the last race, but finally won Hamilton. According to Ecclestone, and many also believe that, Nico could have fought more and be more aggressive as it was last year at some races…

Jean Todt y EcclestoneThe tycoon of F1 is of the opinion that: “we’ve seen this before with Schumacher or Vettel (in reference to the superiority of the car). But never as well. I don’t care that it is over soon because the car Mercedes is better than the other, but I think that Nico Rosberg could have worked better this year. We saw in Mexico that won the race in a easy way, so that you will return here to try to repeat it to be sure, but a little late.“.

And for the future, Ecclestone says: “We are changing a few things for people interested again. I think that we need to offer a better show than we have at this time. I agree with McLaren in the 80’s, had at least two pilots fighting each other. Somehow, Hamilton is as the center of attention that nobody cares, nothing more. I think that will improve in 2017 for sure.“.