Ecclestone wants two short races in the Formula 1


Bernie Ecclestone continues his crusade against the current competition format for governing Formula 1. To the Executive Director of the Formula 1, the current format is not suited to the new times in which they demanded shows of shorter duration and greater intensity.

For that reason, Ecclestone believes that it is necessary to offer shorter races and the hearings of the last Grand Prix of Brazil as well as certified. “The people have a attention span shorter, and many sports are seeing how to enter format short. The television audiences were up in Brazil, we had a long race with heavy rain and several accidents, but that means that we had two outings for the red flags and people paid attention”.

According to Bernie, a suitable model would be that of two races of 40 minutes in the day Sunday. “we Need to revise the traditional concept of a long race. Two races of 40 minutes with a break of 40 minutes between the two where the pilots could be interviewed, and the cars modified would be attractive for spectators, tv, sponsors and advertisers would love to”, said Ecclestone in a statement to The Sunday Times.

“I wonder if some of you want to compete or just to be on the track with an F1 car”

According to Ecclestone, all this would allow to perform modifications on the cars and interviews with the riders between both races, something that goes more in line with the current trend that you can clearly see in the american sports. “The cars would classify the sabbath as is usual for the first race, which would be the grill for the second, which cuadraría with cars lighter and faster. But I don’t know if we have the courage to change. Times change and it is something that we have to look at. All american sports have dead times, mainly because american audiences can’t concentrate. Have grown up with the 15 minute segments on television. The people is equal in all sides currently”.

in Addition, Ecclestone insists that there is that simplifying the rules to allow riders to develop their full potential, even hinting that a touch between pilots is not a drama or a lot less. “we Need to make it more easy for pilots to compete fairly. I don’t think that will strike your wheels deliberately, but if compete against each other and actually touch, what? I often wonder if some of you want to compete or just to be on the track with an F1 car”.