Ecclestone will reduce the european presence in F1 at the minimum


The activity of Ecclestone in the media grows
as the season progresses and, almost always, for the same reason:
to pressure the organizers of the Great Prizes for that capture
the message which he believes necessary in each moment.

After winning the limelight in the last few weeks the Great
Awards from Italy and Brazil, now Ecclestone puts the focus of attention
in the rest of european racing. The entrepreneur 85-year-old says
“without a doubt, this is exactly what will happen, one or two countries
will be excluded”
to be asked to RBC Russian on if you intend to
reduce the european presence on the calendar.

“I can’t say what, but the new countries will come from a
different part of the world, not of Europe”
, said Ecclestone,
again, he argues that “Formula 1 is not the Championship
Europe, is the World Championship”
. Bernie tends to adopt the
tactic of pressuring the races that have a pending
renewal of the contract to increase the cost or look for a substitute
that pay more, something that is much more simple outside of Europe,
where the Formula 1 is a view of another mode, and the money runs with more

When Ecclestone was asked by some events that do not
during the time, such as Turkey, Korea or India, the british
he stated that it was not his fault and that he is not “organizer
career, it is your responsibility to attract the aficionados”