Ecclestone would have disqualified Rossi by throwing Marquez

Rossi y MárquezBernie Ecclestone, the pattern of Formula 1 has assured that if lor occurred in Sepang with Marquez and Rossi occurs in F1, he would have disqualified the Italian rider. Well, the Moto GP world is determined, but the famous action in which Rossi pushes with her leg to Marquez for that this fall has not ceased to be news. Now added Mr. And, that also wanted to comment on this action, and that it has done so for the average Italian Gazzetta dello Sport.

Bernie Ecclestone is known for your comments that will not leave anyone indifferent, now has not cut even a hair on to accuse the Italian rider in a means to this country that has been so criminalized Marquez, defending his fellow countryman. Those who have followed Moto GP will know of what I speak and that is this ugly gesture is not a sport, and however much you want to defend a pilot of the homeland can not do what white black when the images shows clearly what happened.

Bernie EcclestoneBernie says, “What happened was completely wrong. It is a warning to Formula 1. Let me give you an example. Suppose that Ferrari is in the race for the title and Mercedes were blocking with one of your client computers, what would happen? Rossi would have been disqualified for sure. would have had a black flag.“. So resounding and clear has been Ecclestone before the Italian media, something that must not have liked in the country.

In Addition, Mr. And has wanted to talk about the entry of Rossi in F1 as it was rumored in the past and seven times champion of the category of bikes wanted. Ecclestone affirms in this regard that “Had a couple of opportunities to get to F1 but I was at the peak of his career in Moto GP. In the Formula 1 would have had to start again, with a lot of doubts. Did well therefore not to change.“.