Ecoboost Mustang Shelby GT, Shelby treatment also with turbo

shelby mustang gt ecoboost 2015 2 e1442044151461 Shelby Mustang GT Ecoboost, tratamiento Shelby también con turbo The new Ford Mustang with four-cylinder engine has not been spared Shelby treatment. Comes Shelby Mustang GT EcoBoost , a version with engine supercharged 2.3 petrol a very interesting extra power and a new set of aesthetic improvements. It will be in Europe from this autumn.

The visual treatment involves loading the car carbon fiber elements as the front splitter, the bonnet, side skirts and rear spoiler. The set also debuts a 20-inch wheels that fit tires Michelin Pilot Sport high performance and a customizable bands that cross the body.

shelby mustang gt ecoboost 2015 1 e1442044353222 Shelby Mustang GT Ecoboost, tratamiento Shelby también con turbo The interior is more discreet but why will not miss details. In the headrest name fits the sporty version, while the Shelby name appears in places like mats or illuminated door sills . Details are also customizable.

But the interesting thing about this Shelby Mustang GT EcoBoost against other Shelby is what lies under the hood. Shelves mounted V8 and a block 4-cylinder Ecoboost 2.3 supercharger already available in the standard range. Has been retouched electronics and installed a new sports exhaust system.

The result is a power of more than 335 horses rolling with only 91 octane gasoline. Clearly Shelby Ecoboost version has been developed with the European market, where a V8 may be excessive for a large number of buyers. In any case, the turbo Mustang Shelby sports stamp is already a reality and will be available in the European market this fall .

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