Edo Mortara sum the pole position for the FIA GT World Cup in Macau


Edo Mortara has been shown by active and passive is one
of the fastest drivers in Macau
, either on F3 or on a GT3. Without
however, your participation this year in the GP of Macau is still the most atypical
in his career, since it is competing with an Audi R8 LMS when he has been
announced as a pilot by Mercedes-AMG to 2017. Something like a last
service to the brand from Ingolstadt that time has begun in the best way
possible that the Edo Mortara have joined the pole position for the FIA GT World Cup in Macau.

Edo Mortara seems focused on saying goodbye to Audi to
and time goes by the good way, after adding the pole for the race
classification of the FIA GT World Cup. The Italian, who has had to deal with
the two red flags caused by the accident patterned of Passion
Lathouras with the Ferrari 488 GT3 and Richard Lyons, with the Porsche 911
, has
managed to stop the clock in 2:16.862 to add the pole. In addition, Edo Mortara has
header the doublet of Audi Sport since Laurens Vanthoor has managed to sneak in
154 thousandth of his teammate.


Despite repeated attempts, nor the drivers of Porsche
nor the Mercedes have been able to avoid the doublet of Audi
, despite reaching
occupy the first position for a few moments. All in all, Earl Bamber has
been third with their Porsche 911
, while Maro Engel has finished fourth
with the Mercedes-AMG GT3. However, just this couple of
riders has managed to threaten the doublet of Audi, since Kévin Estre with
a mistake in the second sector and Renger Van der Zande not have been at the height
of his team-mates, being sixth and seventh respectively behind
Nico Müller.

While the first four pilots have been moved
at times unreachable for the rest, the margin of the research that hangs
on Earl Bamber
, you could say that in general Audi, Porsche, and
Mercedes are one or two steps ahead of the rest of the participants, and so
it demonstrates the fact not to see any car of the brand among the seven
first classified of the session. In this aspect, Nicky Catsburg has been eighth with his
BMW M6 GT3, although to a whopping 2.7 seconds of the time reference
. A
tenth behind finished Adderly Fong with the Bentley Continental GT3.

Times rating FIA GT World Cup in Macau

Position Pilot Car Time / Difference
1 Edo Mortara Audi R8 LMS 2:16.862
2nd Laurens Vanthoor Audi R8 LMS +0.154
3rd Earl Bamber Porsche 911 RSR GT3 +0.271
4th Maro Engel Mercedes-AMG GT3 +0.285
5th Nico Müller Audi R8 LMS +1.001
6th Kévin Estre Porsche 911 RSR GT3 +1.083
7th Renger van der Zande Mercedes-AMG GT3 +1.460
8th Nicky Catsburg BMW M6 GT3 +2.715
9th Adderly Fong Bentley Continental GT3 +2.831
10th Cheng Congflu Audi R8 LMS +2.930