Eight-cylinder Motor and manual change: only these 3 cars will allow

We love the sport with a manual gearbox, but unfortunately, are becoming less frequent. I do not speak of Itps as the Opel Astra OPC or Ford Focus RS, I speak of sports of truth. Machines, high-front propelled rear or integral. Cars like the BMW M4 or the Lexus RC F, without going any further. Just sold sport with a manual gearbox, because hardly anyone the demand. But in motor we are fans of the lost causes, and this is why we have compiled a list of cars with V8 engine and manual gearbox. It is really, really short, unfortunately.

1) Ford Mustang GT. The muscle car par excellence, from 46.500 euro

I Wish more manufacturers would follow the idea of Ford, both manual and automatic versions for their sport with V8 engine.

If you want a motor of eight cylinders, and having three pedals, the Ford Mustang GT -5.0 V8-421 CV – is the cheapest way of doing it. In your body-coupe, the price starts at 46.500 euros, and increases to 4,000 euros if you prefer to listen to with more clear sound to the open sky. Personally I can’t conceive of a muscle car without a good engine of eight cylinders, and I prefer it with a good manual gearbox rather than an automatic gearbox. It’s like the things you’ve been doing it from decades ago in America, and it is as they do when the muscle flies to Europe.

ford-mustang-2015-prueba-mapdm--15-1440pxI don’t have anything against the automatic gearbox, but in a vehicle of enjoyment as is the Ford Mustang, I seem to be mandatory. Even so, and very reasonable, Ford offers an automatic change optional in your pony car – with a premium of € 3,000 on the manual version. The market commands it, and in many cases, no one demand three pedals in a sporty, but you should know that in this case the Mustang manual does not lose an iota of benefit – if your average consumption approved is 1.5 l/100 km top…

2) the Aston Martin Vantage, lust british from 132.314 euros

Both versions Roadster as the V12 Vantage are available with a manual gearbox. This last is a unicorn.

I Greatly fear that the Aston Martin Vantage is quite more expensive than the Ford Mustang GT. The benjamin Aston Martin has been a sport conceived from its source to mount, manual gearbox, although it has a box Sportshift automatic is optional. engine 4.7 V8 also develops 421 horsepower and again, even though the automatic version has features identical to the version of the three pedals, its average consumption approved is 1.2 litres lower. While it may not be important when the car costs what a floor.

vantage_sp10_04mapdm-1440pxIn versions convertibles in the Aston Martin Vantage is repeated for the availability of a manual gearbox, although versions of S – 436 HP and a gear train more sport – there is no option to change to manual. The top of the range Aston Martin in our country is the incredible V12 Vantage with 517 HP of power coming from a V12 engine maximum power of 6.0-liter. A true unicorn, since it is the only car on the market with 12 cylinders with manual change of range. Almost a decade ago that supercars V12 abandoned the manuals.

3) A good part of the range Morgan Plus 8, Aero Coupe and Aero SuperSports

The construction of craftsmanship, quality and a dynamic polished is paid, and paid very expensive.

finally, three vehicles manufactured by Morgan, the fantastic Plus 8, Aero Coupe and Aero SuperSports. What binds them? A manual gearbox of six relations connected to the same propellant: a 4.8 V8 maximum power of 367 BHP of power and source BMW. Is the same engine that I rode years ago, the BMW X5 4.8 i, without going any further. They are the most athletic models of the English brand of the niche, although the Plus 8 still retain an aesthetic certainly retro, dressed with more sportiness than the archaic 4/4, with spoked wheels.

morgan-aero-8-2015-5The Aero Coupé and its convertible version Aero SuperSports – are coupes with high performance of a much more modern, designed for use in circuit. All of them come with automatic version optional, but I doubt that many purchasers of Morgan pass on the detail for the head. In none of the cases machines are affordable: the Plus 8 4.8 is the cheapest of the trio and it costs a whopping 130,000 euros in our borders. The Aero SuperSports exceeds by far the 180,000 euros.

do you notice the common pattern in these cars?

Where were those coupes in europe with a V8 engine and manual gearbox? Where were the supercars manuals?

Three sagas very atypical, with common patterns. All are vehicles niche, legacies to the tradition of their respective brands. In the case of Morgan, anchored in a past that have never left. They are living fossils, relics of a bygone era that have a small gap in the market, and a public that is very true. Unfortunately, they are anachronisms, and anyone looking for a saloon potent as a Porsche Panamera, or sports executives like the Audi RS5 or Mercedes-AMG C 63 doesn’t think of three pedals. What we have become comfortable?

ferrari-599-gtb-manual-160315-18 do you not enjoy that more sacrificing acceleration and lap times in exchange for more sensations? I guess that is what is said when one does not have the money to afford that type of cars.

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