eITV: The ITV card electronics is now compulsory in cars and trucks new


The ITV electronic is already mandatory for cars and trucks new enrollment

From the day 11 of November 2015, all cars and trucks registered in Spain count mandatory the Card Technical Inspection electronics (eITV), that contains the same data as the ITV card paper but in electronic format.

does Not affect the validity of the previous chips in paper

By the Royal Decree 667/2015 of 17 July, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has developed a system-mail that is sent telematically to the technical specifications on the part of Manufacturers, Importers and Representatives of vehicles (FIR) with the technical data of the vehicles to a Vehicle Registration Prematriculados.

After the sending of the data by the FIR, the DGT must validate them for approval and their subsequent record in the file of vehicles prematriculados. If everything is correct, you are notified of the FIR Vehicle Identification Number (NIVE). From now this number will be of great importance as it identifies the vehicle unambiguously, with all of their technical data. This is the number that you later must provide the dealers to apply to enroll.

The DGT, in addition to providing the registration number, issued by the card eITV. The government agency also ensures that other actuators, such as the financial institutions are not affected their business, but may not be able to register the vehicle to its prior approval.

from may 2016 it will be mandatory for mopeds and motorcycles

Anfac reports that the vast majority of manufacturers are already integrated in this system eTIV, during the past month of October, almost 50% of the registered vehicles in Spain had the above-mentioned tab technical electronics.

The tab paper will remain valid for vehicles registered before, it has been clarified by the DGT. From may 11, 2016, the eITV will become compulsory for mopeds, motorcycles, quads and trikes.