Elbnb will rent parking spaces with charging points electric


there is no turning back, we all agreed that the engines of fossil fuels have the days counted and electric cars are ever more present, even if, unfortunately, there are still a few years to adopt fully this type of vehicle.

The nordic countries are very much motivated with this technology and they want that all their inhabitants will decide to take the leap, as we have seen with initiatives such as banning the sale of combustion vehicles from 2025 onwards, or as this original idea of Renault.

Elbnb is an application that allows owners to rent parking spaces with access to the electricity grid to recharge electric vehicles.

it Also makes the use of social network, with which different users can meet other people interested in clean energy.

it Is strange, but this way is would increase the charging points in the country. By giving a piece of data, have been discharged from this service 60 users increasing the charging points total in a 4%.

Of continue to increase it might lead to a incentive more convincing for people to decide opt for an electric vehicle at the time of purchase.


Map of electrical points according to electromaps.com

Without a doubt this idea could extend all over the world, for example, in our country there is still no sufficient charging points. In this way it would expand borders, and with it the use of electric cars.