Electric 308 GT, the first Ferrari electric and available to many pockets


The Ferrari’s first Full-electric history.

The segment power is on the rise. You just need to take a look at our section of the last Paris Salon 2016 to verify the importance that this is already having for the brands generalists, and check as in brief will be added more models of those currently available. Today we can already find a wide selection of possibilities on the market, and although it may seem a lie, even some very exciting, and we’re not talking about products of Tesla Motors.

A Ferrari electric is something that it may seem impossible to the naked eye, and if we add that is not only already available but also is not exactly expensive to buy and much less to maintain, it might seem that we are raving, but the fact is that it does not.

Electric GT is an american company that, like many great ideas was born between friends and beers, so that this project can be defined as the culmination of a dream. And the best way of carrying it out was not other than transforming a rickety Ferrari 308 GTS in a electric fully functional and usable in the day-to-day.


Externally hardly differs from the original.

despite sharing a name with the newly created championship Electric GT, this young company of California has as its sole purpose restore and transform to electric propulsion some of the classic models the most eye-catching.

Now has 3 models in his still small offer and all of them classic cut. The Fiat 124 roadster, Volkswagen Beetle classic off road and the Ferrari 308 which occupies this article.

In terms of the 308, this receives the name of Electric 308 GT and has a particular powerplant, formed by 3 electric motor connected to the rear wheels through a manual transmission Porsche G50 five-speed. If you find a clutch and a manual gearbox in an electric vehicle is strange, that the box mounts is Ferrari to be signed by Porsche is a whole story in itself.


Not only wastes fuel, it is also much more powerful.

The benefits of this power are spectacular, with a total power of 420 HP (415 hp) and 447 Nm of torque, these are a few 177 HP and up to 80 percent more torque than the 308 GTS original carburetor on your specifications USA, erogaba 240 hp.

it Is powered by a battery pack of lithium 30 kWh, with which it is able to reach a range of autonomy of 80 miles, around 129 kms, although it is available as an optional pack that goes up to the 60 kWh with the reaches the 150-mile, 240 kilometres away. The company announces a future option that will increase the autonomy up to 200 miles, without extending the weight of the assembly.

The model donor for this project was a Ferrari 308 GTS victim of a fire in your engine bay, so had ended their days in scrap. The Electric GT eliminated all the mechanical elements, some of which were reused in other copies belonging to the online community of owners of models of the brand, some of which were a part of this project with their knowledge on the model.


original State before the transformation.

The suspension and the computer from braking were replaced by more current and therefore better performance and behavior. The final weight is a mere 1.520 kilos and counting the batteries, so that only ascends about 200 kilos over the weight in running order of the original model.

benefits have not been measured yet, however, with the potential announced it is logical to think that will exceed widely the benefits of original, including the braking of the original model, despite the increase in weight. One of the curiosities is that the loss of the V8 central, and the gain of the batteries has altered the weight distribution, being now of a 55 percent front and 45 percent rear.

The project Electric GT not only offers the advantage of converting to electric the Italian model, with the obvious economic benefit of not having to spend never by a gas station, but that the maintenance basically disappears, in a model of the characteristics and reliability of the Ferrari 308 means a considerable sum of money annually, with a price for services and for the spare parts simply astronomical, to which many economies are unable to reach.


The interior also receives a lot of modifications.

To which is added the value of acquisition and transformation, considerably cheaper than a good unit in an acceptable state of the Italian model, since the very nature of the transformation advised deploy units in a poor state or directly damaged, since the only thing that is going to employ is the shell.

To delete the restore all the spare officers, famous by their high cost, its restoration and transformation is considerably more economic that a restoration standard. As each transformation is performed depending on the status of each individual donor, there is no fixed price, it must be budgeted on the basis of each unit and work.

The result is spectacular, the customer gets one of the models most iconic of the firm of Maranello with the advantages of electric vehicles, increased power and performance and maintenance is almost non-existent. Since electric vehicles require only a fraction of the usual services of a conventional model with a combustion engine. So that is an option unrivalled as a vehicle of daily.