Electric cars close 2015 with a 28.5 per cent more sales in Spain

Smart ForTwo car2goAs you know, Spain has closed the year in green numbers on what has sales of cars is concerned. Precisely 2015 has been a year in which we again exceed the million units sold since the start of the crisis, which has left a new series of figures that have already been discovered. It is time to know what are most electric cars sold in Spain in 2015.

The electric car is not yet, and much remains to be, a first option of purchase to the majority of the market. Your limited offer, its time to recharge, their prices, their limited autonomy or a network of recharging infradesarrollada are some of the reasons that discourage your purchase, despite having suffered a increase of no less than 28.5% sales compared to the previous year. 2015 closes with the record of 2.342 electric cars registered.

nissan-leaf-2016it is Still a percentage very slight compared with the global, , only 0.2% of the total, but you must keep in mind that it is a type of propulsion is still in its early stages, simply because in this 2016 is going to suffer a sure boost their sales by the simple fact of receiving a higher bid, and, it, be even more appetizing.

Returning to the data, the electric car most sold in 2015 in Spain has been the smart fortwo ED. The small urban electric still going by your previous generation, waiting for the new one, has placed 388 units in the Spanish market. Not in vain has a very specific reason, and that is the service car sharing Car2Go was made with more than 300 units of the model to perform your service in Madrid.

renault-zoeIn second place is the non-combustible Nissan LEAF, the electric best-selling in the world. Have been enrolled 344 units, which are not far from the smart, and they probably in a more natural way. After he placed another of the electrical more interesting that recently has undergone an evolution. The Renault ZOE closes 2015 312 units sold.

To close the Top 5, it is worth mentioning a quite good pace in the Renault Kangoo ZE, with 267 units and that, as happens with a multitude of electrical, they end up in fleets. The Nissan e-NV200 closes 5 more electric sold with 257 units registered during the year of 2015. Among the innovations to be highlighted, the BMW i3 with 251 registrations or the Volkswagen e-Golf, very recent, with 21 enrolments.

If we stop to think about what might happen this year at the end of the exercise, it is expected that the sales of electric in Spain continue to rise. In 2016 it is possible that we are already talking about 3,000 units, which remains a figure of testimonial. However, the fact that the Nissan LEAF has undergone an evolution that has increased their autonomy, you may be able to convince or satisfy more customers.

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