Electric cars, ideal for Ibiza and Formentera


The trouble with common electric cars tend to be the price or the autonomy. This last factor limits a lot of travel, but does not imply the slightest problem in an area geographically defined as it is an island. We are going to meet the case of the balearic islands, where it is generating a small rebellion electric.

To the beginning of the year the balearic Government and the Consell of Ibiza agreed to promote the electric mobility in the island through building measures for the local pioneers and those who are out of step with rental vehicles. The intention is mobility more clean, the smoke-free.

it Was agreed to have free charging stations throughout the island with refills free of charge for at least a couple of years. According to Electromaps, insurance coverage is quite adequate, with chargers in Ibiza, Sant Antoni de Pormany, San Miguel de Balasant, San Joan de Labritja, San Carlos and Santa Eulalia des Riu, but a hotel in Can Escandell. That, for the moment…


Points of recharge in Ibiza

With this infrastructure poses no problems to get around the island even with vehicles that do not stand by their autonomy. By the way, the neighboring Formentera is well-stocked of charging points, and it is an island very little girl. There are a few of the Citroën E-Mehari and in the future there will be only electric on the island (that’s the idea).

The charging points will be interoperable, will be equal to the manager

But there are more advantages for those who decide to opt for an electric car. The councils will offer reductions in the road tax (TAX) and the prices of the car parks in a municipality. Taking into account that it is enhancing the cost of living in the island, it can be an interesting topic.

Returning to Ibiza, their dimensions are ideal for electric cars: is 41 kilometers from north to south and 15 kilometers from east to west. Autonomy only has real importance at the time of leaving the archipelago in the boat. By the way, Balearia leads to the electric at no charge on routes Ibiza-Formentera and Denia-Formentera.


charging Points in Formentera

An example of integration: smart, Ushuaïa and Endesa

Today we have opened two fast-charging points of Endesa in the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, the prelude of a network of stations fast -to 22 kW – for multiple smart with electric motor. The quoted hotel already has a small fleet of utilitarian vehicles of Daimler, based on the model 2017, although the model 2018.

These cars are at the disposal of the customers of the hotel to explore the island from side to side with no worries about the load. At a rate of 22 kW, a smart ed can be charged to 80% in just 45 minutes, or to increase the autonomy of 40 kilometers in only 15 minutes. You can control the rate of charging with the app “smart control” and to air condition the passenger compartment at a distance.

The recharging network will also benefit other users, it will be public

The smart electric does not stand out for their power -81 HP – but have a range approved from 160 km, to spare for getting around Ibiza and Formentera. Reloads are slow, 3-hour and one-half (from 4.3 to 7.2 kW), are not so slow. The freedom of movement is almost guaranteed with such a deployment.


In general, the electrical pose an excellent idea in terms of sustainability. Reduce noise pollution and exhaust (do not have), and in global terms allow you to remove pollution by making more efficient use of energy resources. In addition, you are going to prioritise renewable sources, we do not think of coal.

These pilot experiences will demonstrate the feasibility of the electric car, though we are speaking of territories, small and delimited, the intelligent use of reloads you can make them viable in larger areas. If we do not speak of long journeys, points of fast load and slow complement those miles that are missing for any unforeseen event or plan impromptu.

long term, the islands iran, abandoning the vehicles of internal combustion, until only are the old models and approaching from the other side in a boat (to step). continental Countries also are trying, the first to do so was Estonia, the first country that adopted a network of fast recharging in 2013! In relation to its size (as the autonomy of Aragón) to move with a power in his territory is a no-brainer.