Electric cars of the occasion, will it be 2017, the year of its real take-off in Spain?

Renault Zoe 2017

we Analyze if in 2017 take off the sales of electric cars of the occasion.

Missing little more than a day to dismiss the 2016. For the automotive sector, if we have to search for a type of vehicle that a greater number of holders has generated during this year is about to end is, without a doubt, the electric car. This is why we can say that 2016 has been the year for the electric car at both european and global. In the main halls of the car manufacturers have shown some sort of development with regard to electric mobility.

The “giant German” finally have been pulled to the pool and a few months have announced that they are working on a new generation of electric cars with the wager of truth for this type of vehicle. In addition, 2016 also leaves us with the announcement of Mazda and Toyota confirming that it is also jumping on the bandwagon of the vehicles purely electric.

To all this we must add the releases that have taken place this year and the models are due to arrive in 2017. There are many factors, movements, and ads that make us think if we truly we will see in the year 2017 the take-off of the electric car market of the occasion. Currently the number of electric vehicles of occasion available on the market is minimal, but it is something that will change very soon.

Opel Ampera-e

In the next few years will new electric cars such as the Opel Ampera-e.

Although the volume of registrations of electric cars in our country is still very low, the growth in the last few years is continued, to which must be added the continuous increase in the supply of new electric vehicles. Therefore, and as we will see later in this article, everything makes us believe that the next year will roll the market of VO electrical.

sales of electric vehicles in Spain in 2016

To lack of available data new registrations of electric vehicles in our country during this month of December, if we look at the period January-November 2016 with the first eleven months of the past year, we realize the evolution experienced by the sales of electric cars in Spain during this exercise. Better to state the figures in a table to find data more clear and direct:

Month 2016 2015
January 227 75
February 225 57
March 559 220
April 479 151
May 476 176
June 346 220
July 371 368
August 215 172
September 328 193
October 511 314
November 577 381

extracted Data from Anfac, are included as commercial vehicles and in some months quadricycles like the Renault Twizy.


The Nissan Leaf will be one of the electric cars more occasion offered.

electric cars that are coming

Is something that my colleague Javier Costas already treated in an article very complete and I recommend your reader (electric cars that come with extra autonomy). From the new Renault Zoe (which is now available in Spain) up to the recently released Volkswagen e-Golf 2017, or the Opel Ampera-e. And although in the case of the Ampera-and we will have to wait a few years to see in Spain, it is clear that in a few months we will meet in the market with a great variety of electric cars.

And, of course, by increasing the supply of new cars with this type of mechanics, also have an impact on the car industry of time, since with the passage of time will be more drivers who will decide to sell its electric car to buy a new one with greater autonomy and benefits.

To make us a more clear idea of increasing the supply that we will live in the next few years (including 2017), just take a look at the following table that shows the change experienced between the years 2013 and 2015:

Year Units Registered Variation %
2013 241
2015 453 +88

BMW i3 2017

The arrival in dealerships of the BMW i3 33 kWh with a larger battery will also make the units 22 kWh to reach the market of VO.

As is logical, since the beginning of 2015 to the end of 2016,
in Spain has increased significantly the number of charging points for
electric vehicles (though not as much as we would like) as well as the amount
enrollment. Then, and to go to recap, what will be 2017, the year that the electric car of occasion to take to the shooting?
Seeing all the data presented in this article, we can anticipate that as well
it will be. The “early adopters” will want to change the electric car, and that is
result in an increase of the offer available.