Electric cars: pros and cons

A electric car is driven by a motor that feeds power instead of fuel, but environmental pollution is much lower , although the technology EVs is to develop and appreciate pros and cons.

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Benefits of EVs

– The about expenditure much lower fuel , that conventional cars , and there are areas free recharged with solar panels

-. They EVs has the advantage possess grants to purchase, that this year has been reduced from € 6,000 to € 5,500 and is valid for new and financing for leasing or renting cars when the contract has a minimum duration of two years.

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– The EVs pollute far less than conventional car even generate toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide; in relation to noise need electric cars do not produce

-. The maintaining an electric car is much smaller, and so is cost periodic

-. The road tax EVs are much lower and the cost of insurance , There are also lower than in conventional cars Thanks good efficiency and a degree of much smaller claims.

Disadvantages of EVs

– The Battery from EVs is not cheap and has a life span of about five years about [1,999,019. ]

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– The autonomy from EVs usually about 150 km from Power [1,999,006 cars] compared 600 Km. from conventional cars. They EVs takes 6 to 8 hours to charge while conventional cars only takes a few minutes

-. Although they have subsidies for purchase, Price by EVs is higher than conventional cars.

-The EVs has low autonomy road between 130 and 200 km.

No There are many free network give autonomy to EVs


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