Electric motor: how it works

The electric motor is a unit works with ac and which is responsible for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. It presents many advantages over motor combustion as a weight and a reduced size, and a pair of high and constant rotation.

is gave very high , which increases as the power increases, it should also be noted that it is reversible and acts as a generator converting mechanical energy into electrical mentioned in lines above.

Operation of electric motor

The electric motor this energy is used creates magnetic field opposite each others so moving rotor or rotating part, where the reel is placed, whose magnetic field is opposed to the static portion of engine.

funcionamiento del motor el├ęctrico

The magnetic field for this part of electric motor is generated by permanent magnets, results in rotation of the rotor due to the repulsive effect on said opposite poles. However, the rotor continues to move, it will be necessary to reverse the polarity of the magnet, because otherwise adjusting the poles, the electric motor would stand.

They vehicle electric motor is driven by the energy stored in a recyclable batteries being charged in public networks and can offer a range of 100 km.

Advantages of electric motor

The electric motor Has lower maintenance costs since these vehicles have fewer spare parts, becomes almost zero maintenance, breakdowns are extremely rare and much cheaper in town.

They EVs pose impact Environmental much lower combustion vehicles, due to the reduction of CO2 emissions; also is more efficient and more easily affecting its mechanical part, traditional combustion engines, which are significant economic savings and zero emissions of pollutants.

Image Source: francisco g. Gonzalez / flickr

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