Elextra EV, the rival to the Porsche Mission And is swiss and will have 670 HP

Elextra EV

new supercar swiss will arrive in 2019, but although there are still a couple of years to see live, and we already know the specifications that will rival the perfect in the Porsche Mission And and the Nio EP9.

Designed in Switzerland by Robert Palm, CEO of Classic Factory, Elextra EV will have two engines that will be able to catapult 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.3 seconds. In addition, it will have four doors and a configuration 2+2, with four-wheel drive.

Elextra EV

This configuration will be faster in acceleration than a Tesla Model S P100D, a second faster than the Porsche Mission E, and 4 tenths more than the Nio EP9. The maximum speed that can reach this new car, the swiss will be 250 km/h.

“the funding for The project is entering its second phase, which means that very soon you will transfer the design on paper to a physical mock-up. We must be able to start the development in the next few weeks. Our goal is to show a model prototype next spring,” said Robert Palm, about the status of the development of the Elextra EV.

Elextra EV will be is made of carbon fiber to its chassis, bodywork and wheels, which will cause your weight to be reduced quite thanks to the use of this material. In addition, the use of electric motors, will make the rear seats are useful, and will increase the size of trunk up to about 400 liters.

Elextra EV

The streamlined design, aggressive and pointed, its body reminds of Lamborghini and its Aventador. Although the images have been created using computer since that has not yet been produced any prototype, reveals a hood-sharp and a rear door with dimensions a bit smaller, will have to see how useful they are.

If it eventually leads to production, it is planned that will be produced about 100 cars in a factory in Stuttgart. Although to day of today, all are designs produced by computer as it is estimated that the price is between the 400,000 and 500,000 euros. Will have to wait until 2019 to see if the Elextra EV becomes a reality.

Source – Coach