Elextra: new images and data of the odd-sedan electric 689 CV


there are No surprises in the side, already ahead of the teaser.

The project Elextra has revealed new images of its sporty electric. New views in perspective of the strange model, a creation of Classic Factory, the same initiative that created the project Lyonheart K, which happens to be an alternative of sporty sedan to the new segment electric and also has a deliberate image of a supercar classic.

With these new photos, which does not surprise us, nor will they show anything new since the first teasers already taught a good part of the body of the model, the company has finally revealed some of the details and specifications of this peculiar design.

Elextra is based on a unibody frame and central-type bathtub made in carbon fiber. A system similar to that used by McLaren in all their models, and that according to the brand is a 25 percent lighter than an equivalent structure made of aluminium, in addition to being far more rigid and strong. Don’t explain what material they are made of the required front subframe and rear, which we understand to be aluminum, nor our own body panels, which are also likely to be made in carbon.


The design is inspired by models such as the Lamborghini Countach.

Mechanically, the Elextra has two electric motors, who have not revealed too many details, but yes that are located on each of the axes, and delivered a brutal figure from power total of 689.4 HP (680 hp), that are distributed to the 4 wheels at all times. The type of transmission remains a mystery.

finally, the total weight of the set has not been revealed, but its benefits. Announces an acceleration capacity from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2.3 seconds (without specifying how much less), for Elextra, according to its press release of presentation, makes it the vehicle of street-enrolled fastest in the world. The figure of acceleration of the new Dodge SRT Demon is only 2.3 seconds, but only up to 96 km/h or 60 mph.

Its maximum speed is limited to 250 km/h and their autonomy at 100 km/h is 600 kms. This last figure is spectacular, but have not revealed neither the type nor capacity of the batteries, and also the price of the model, which will be manufactured in Germany.


Still have to wait for an official presentation complete.

By the time there is no more data or even images of its interior, so that we fear that the data can be estimated. We must wait for the company to make an official presentation, with all its specifications to be able to confirm it.

The brand already warns that throughout the year will be revealed more
, but no mention of more dates, or filing officer, nor
commercial launch.