Elfyn Evans and M-Sport, condemned to be understood


The bet of M-Sport by Eric Camilli and Mads Ostberg has been a hard blow to the aspirations of Elfyn Evans in the WRC. However, the situation of the championship, the complete occupation of the World Rally Car official and most certainly dance of pilots that will occur at the end of 2016 invite you to take the hit with the highest integrity possible. It is evident that it is not the ideal situation, but in the framework of the WRC current, it seems that M-Sport and Elfyn Evans are doomed to be understood and although Evans can take his own way, it is very likely that Evans follow in the bosom of M-Sport.

┬┐What options has Elfyn Evans? As has been communicated by a spokesman of M-Sport, both parties are negotiating to continue together in the World Rally and the programme of welsh will be announced in the coming weeks. It is clear that Evans did not have a complete program as Ott Tanak next to DMACK, but the welshman manages different possibilities. In fact, Elfyn Evans could compete in some tests of loose with the Ford Fiesta RS WRC, either around the computer officer in alternation with the Camilli, or with a third World Rally Car, without adding points for M-Sport.

however, the role of Elfyn Evans behind the scenes can be remarkable, especially in the second half of the season. In the fore are the new Ford Fiesta R5 and also the Ford Fiesta RS WRC from season 2017, a vehicle that has to develop from zero to M-Sport. The accumulated experience of the team and its thousands of miles with the Fiesta RS WRC can be a good argument for collaborate in the development of the model of 2017 and ride to a Fiesta R5 official to show the strength of the evolution of the model regarding the Skoda Fabia R5.