Elibriea Equvallas, the first supercar of Qatar is as unpronounceable as absurd

I also had not heard of the Elibriea Equvallas. After a name is somewhat unpronounceable – that, for some reason, evokes in me to norse mythology – it hides a supercar traditional mid-engine rear. The company manufacturer claims it is the first project car serious source qatar. On paper everything looks good: a motor of 800 HP, a structure monohull carbon fibre, a gearbox sequence. The problem is that there is no where to pick it up stylistically. Seriously, try it.

Will have a chassis monocoque carbon fiber, the style of the best supercars on the planet.

The design is possibly inspired by jet fighter like the F-117 Nighthawk, with a multitude of angles and panels mate to avoid the enemy radar. In aircraft work, in the car, not so much. If you look at the front, with a calender that seems straight out of a catalog of interior decoration. As a front splitter we have two fins that seem sharp as blades. I would Not like to be run over by the Equvallas, even though it was on low speed. In your profile to find out more swerving aesthetic and a door type “Lamborghini”.

eilibriea-equvallas-6Your behind is quite peculiar. Is it possible to design it more chaotic? The optical systems are of industrial size and I doubt that the spoiler – to call it somehow – it is functional. Where are the leaks? Lus gaps between the wheels and the body are large enough for a child to hide in them. The rims seem to have been taken of the Norauto. It is a nonsense to be authentic, and even though you are done with all the illusion of the world, I am afraid will stay in the delirium of four well-heeled of the area.

One of their technologies is known as “dynamic engine bay vent”, and we don’t know what the hell it is.

luckily we do not have photos of the interior, which promises to be as eccentric as the inside of the Devel Sixteen. At least we know that the Devel Sixteen has an engine that works at full capacity with more than 4,500 horsepower. The engine of this Elibriea Equvallas produces 800 HP of power, and is of unknown origin, although some media report that it is a simple atmospheric V8 from Chevrolet Performance, crate engine from about 525 HP of power whose cost is just a few thousands of dollars.

eilibriea-equvallas-7At a price still unknown, the company wants to admit orders from march, and the production would begin at the end of the year.

Source: autoevolution
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