Elon Musk confirms new Tesla Roadster on Twitter


Tesla Roadster.

This is not the first time that they were speaking of the return of the Tesla Roadster, nor the first that he mentions Elon Musk, but on this occasion the technology entrepreneur has been expressed without ambage any. Asked by a Twitter user about the return of the Roadster, Musk alone has been limited to say that will come in a few years.

Removed from the range at the end of 2012, to concentrate all the efforts of the brand in the development and launch of the Model S, the Tesla Roadster was the first vehicle developed and launched by the brand. Taking as a base the lightweight aluminium frame of the Lotus Elise, from the californian brand they gave all a knock on effect and brought to definitely the concept of electric vehicle.

What many do not remember is that the reason that Tesla chose a format that is sporty for its first model is that it was the continuation of an existing project, the tzero AC Propulsions, the electric vehicle more powerful and advanced of the time. Some of the investors of this project founded Tesla, which would later join Elon Musk, to the end the CEO and the visible head of the company.


The tweet from Musk.

despite having the technology, specifically developed for the Roadster to Tesla’s biggest problem was to transform it into a product that was not only marketable, but cost-effective. The suppliers of the major components were in different parts of the globe and the assembly process was initially planned at the headquarters of Lotus, however the body was made in France.

Following the success, especially in the media of the Roadster, Tesla had free reign to develop the Model S, that has little or nothing to see at the structural level with the Roadster.

the future Tesla Roadster will not come until at least 2020, and more than likely counting on the platform to encourage all the models of the brand. So that would not be a spiritual successor to the lightweight sports of yesteryear. Maybe a convertible version of the current range or simply a sporting totally different.