Elon Musk confirms that there will be a Tesla Model 3 for 100 kWh

Tesla Model 3

There will be a Tesla Model 3 for 100 kWh for the technical issues.

despite the fact that the start of production of the Tesla Model 3 is more and more near, there are still enough unknowns about the new electric car that will launch on the market Tesla and that is placed as the access model to its range underneath the Model S and Model X respectively. One of the most important aspects that is unknown to today is the number of versions that will accompany the new Model 3.

While we wait for the company in the u.s. we detail the range of its new model, has been the Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, which has clarified a major detail. And is that the version stop range of the new Tesla Model 3 will have a battery pack of less than 100 kWh. But, why there will not be a Model 3 of 100 kWh? Musk gives a crisp answer through his official portrait in the social network of Twitter.

Lack of space. It is the main factor that prevents to brand able to offer such a version in their new model. The distance between axes allows to be able to attach the set of elements that make up the battery pack 100 kWh that we do find in other larger models such as the Tesla Model S or the Model X. therefore, if we discard to see a Model 3 of 100 kWh, what versions will be available? Let’s look at the different possibilities.

version of access to the range of the Model 3 will be determined by a range of 345 miles according to the Tesla. Therefore, it is expected that your battery pack to throw a ballpark figure of 55 kWh. Just a step above we will have a second 75 kWh (which has already been seen in testing on roads of California in their settings 70D) and the third and final version will be close to the 90 kWh.

And by the way, since we are talking about the batteries of 100 kWh, another user of the above-mentioned social network asked Elon Musk if there are plans to introduce a version above that figure in the Model S or Model X. The most responsible and leader of Tesla ruled out this possibility. Yes, leave the door open to the future pick-up that will launch the market itself has an option above 100 kWh by issues of autonomy. Will be by to see.

it Is expected that production of the Tesla Model 3 will start from the month of July and the first deliveries will be made at the end of this year. Makes a matter of a few months, Elon Musk noted that they have received over 370,000 reservations for its new electric vehicle, so that the waiting times for new clients will be quite high during its first two years of commercial life.