Elon Musk detailed the master plan of Tesla for the next few years


Tesla has plans for the future, and these go beyond the mere production of vehicles

you can’t deny the obvious, which is that Tesla is getting, little by little, change the way we think about the world and the mobility. From the first moment, the american manufacturer has taken the electric mobility as its main pillar. Will remain so, but will be extended to other models that form the new master plan of the company.

We have been months of rumors about the strategy of Tesla for the future. The commercial success of all its products has allowed an expansion in the coming years will culminate with the arrival of more units, purely electric of course. The Tesla Model S, Model X, Roadster, and Model 3 will add a compact SUV and a Pick-Up truck.

Still we will soon see them made a reality. First the company has to undertake the update of the Tesla Roadster, as we have already said a few days ago and the start of production of the Tesla Model 3, which despite the developments in the range will remain the model of access to the u.s. firm.


The Model S will continue to be the reference model of Tesla in the years to come

But there is more, beyond the cars. And is that a large part of the plans passed by the driving autonomous. The bases of the technology are present today in the famous AutoPilot, that lately there is much talk by the first fatal accident that occurred at the beginning of the month and that Tesla seems to be freed of all blame.

So taking knowledge acquired as a starting point the idea of Elon Musk is revolutionizing the way in which we move. automation not only be involved to the hour of driving, but in all aspects related to mobility. As the own Musk has commented: “Some day you will be able to call your car from almost anywhere.”

Such is the ability that it is expected to make Tesla does not rule out forming his own travel company. Travel self-employed that will include the cars of particular when these are not being used by their owners. It can be a difficult idea to conceive, but also what were the previous successes of the company. Just the time to pass judgment sentence.


The first to arrive will be the Model 3, was subsequently added to the units mentioned