Elon Musk sets the second ‘Master Plan’ of Tesla

Elon Musk Teslait has now been 10 years since Elon Musk we present the first master plan for his newly created company. Now Tesla is a benchmark in electric mobility and wants to revolutionize transportation as we know it today. To do this has been presented to the second ‘Master Plan’, where we detail the projects of the future. Includes new models, driving autonomous, car sharing, and even solar energy.

Of face-to-users looking to buy a Tesla, we are currently working in the marketing of the Model 3, its most affordable model. Later there will be a successor to the Tesla Roadster, which was the first model of the brand. Later it will be when they get the new models, which will cover new segments. Musk says that they are planning to do a compact SUV and a pickup truck type pick-up.

Tesla Supercargadores llenoAll the models of the brand in the future may benefit from a solar roof. But not as we know it today, but one with photovoltaic panels, capable of capture the sun’s energy. This system would charge the batteries, comes from the project SolarCity, that aims to extend solar power to the homes. Also keep relationship with the PowerWall, which stores and distributes this energy.

But returning to the vehicles of Tesla, its founder also believes that tveryone shall be self-governing the day of tomorrow. Although lately there have been problems with the Autopilot, the bet is strong, and intend to continue to develop this technology until it is infallible. This will require a large testing phase, the brand aims to build up 10,000 million kilometers routes autonomously.

Another key to the Master Plan of Tesla is the car sharing. Musk believes that the time is stopped a car at the door of the house, is being wasted. The solution could be to share your car with other users in exchange of an economic compensation. Tesla does not rule out put your own fleet of vehicles in some cities. As will be self-employed, you’ll simply have to tap a button on your smartphone to your car to return home.

Source – Tesla