Emergency services hand-in-hand Ford and Drones


Although it may seem like the last gift star of the past christmas is certainly the possible applications of the drones go beyond being mere toys and have been proven to work in the communications field, or even in the emergency services.

Ford and the manufacturers of drones DJI have joined forces to develop a smartphone software that allow connect to a drone with a vehicle.And what is the goal of this union? Improve and streamline emergency services.

The project has been referred to as DJI Developer Challenge and challenge some developers to collaborate with the same. As tools for the creation of a system to communicate the drone with the vehicle are the device Ford SYNC AppLink and OpenXC, which provides hardware and open source software to developing apps for cars.


Drones such as the Phantom DJI will be able to be deployed by the emergency services

As we discussed, the end of all of this is to develop a scanning system for inspecting areas of difficult accessibility vehicle and send the drone to inspect these areas. The system would be part of the Program of Development of United Nations.

An example of use could be the location for climbers lost in an area where off-road vehicles could not access. Then will deploy the drone, begin a reconnaissance mission in the area and thanks to the cameras located the exact position of the mountaineers.