emov has already accumulated more than 50,000 records in just three weeks

emov Madrid

just three weeks we had the arrival of a new service of car sharing in Madrid. emov was created by the PSA Group and is postulated as an interesting option for moving in a way simple, cheap and environmentally friendly through the center of the capital madrid. Has had a good reception by the public, because in less than a month have already been discharged more than 50,000 people in the platform.

In this way exceeded the company’s estimates, which already has more than 100 workers. keys to obtain these figures have been the ease of registration process with a completely digital, able to get out to some areas outside of the M30 and the Citroen C-Zero with four seats. Also keep in mind that in this period of time is activated protocol of contamination and the restrictions do not affect these small electrical.

emov Madrid

For example, between days 27 and 29 of December nearly doubled over the journeys and the customer base increased by 20%. By way of summary, during the three weeks he has been active emov, their cars have crossed over 205,000 miles. The average duration of the trips has been about 20 minutes. In addition, the company has calculated that thanks to this we have ceased issuing to the atmosphere about 20 tonnes of CO2.

The ease of use of emov has contributed to the growth. You can access any of the 500 Citroën C-Zero through the application for smartphone. Are in a regime of “free floating” which means that you can choose any of the vehicles, and even reserve it for a limited time. If you have not yet given high advantage to do so before the 31st of January, so time is for free with the code “viveemov001”.

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