Ended, the production of the McLaren P1 comes to an end

McLaren P1 fin de producciónhiperdeportivos usually have an expiration date very early. They are manufactured very few units, very limited and exclusive, therefore they are only in production a couple of years. So it has happened with the McLaren P1, which now announces his cessation of production after the completion of the 375 units provided, all of them already with the owner.

has Already been made of the latest McLaren P1, namely a P1 finish in color orange, it may be that one of the finishes most characteristic of the last hiperdeportivo british. The drive in gray that accompanies the orange is the first P1 manufactured in light gray color. Comparing the one and the other we see the importance of customization program of MSO, which builds each car to the customer’s taste.

McLaren P1 fin de producciónTo celebrate the end of their production, McLaren has given birth to some of the details of not only assembly, but also of its development. The brand ensures that you have covered most of 620.000 km of evidence, and it is manufactured 13 experimental prototypes, 5 prototype-validation and 3-car pre-series.

production is concerned, each McLaren P1 does it take to build approximately 17 days, a period that goes very in game the finishing and personalization of the painting. To this end, we have used up to 5 days of work in the models more elaborate. You just have to see that customers can choose what parts go in what color and choose from a wide list of vinyl.

In terms of sales, McLaren announces what we already knew, that all the models P1 have been sold before being manufactured. But it goes beyond and shows us what amount of cars has gone to what place of the world. The greater part of P1 has gone to America, where they resided for 34% of the units. In Europe there have been 26% of the total, almost the same (27%) in Asia-Pacific. Middle east and Africa have been left with a 13% of the production.

Source – McLaren