Ends the picaresque: the ITV will begin to monitor the emptying of the particulate filters

From almost a decade ago, almost all cars with diesel engine – remember that 7 out of every 10 cars sold have a diesel engine – mounted a filter antiparticles. This filter is to whom we should be grateful that the diesel does not release thick plumes of black when accelerating. Some of the workshops and some drivers deleted this device the anti-pollution, in search of better performance and less mechanical complexity. The ITV will start from now to monitor intensively this disassembly.

why are disassembled or override the particulate filters?

The FAP or DPF are a system anti-pollution complex. Only take the cars with a diesel engine, and the problem with the many drivers are having to do with your functioning and regeneration. The particle filter is composed of a series of wire screens that filter out particles in the oil, and are attached to the same. Each time, the filter must be regenerated, increasing for a few minutes its temperature. The engine makes more noise, the idle is raised and the fuel consumption will increase slightly.

filtro-de-particulas-2This regeneration burns these soot particles and prepares to FAP to a new phase of filtering particles. The problem is that this regeneration takes time, and requires high temperatures on a sustained basis, for example, may be a driving on the motorway for half an hour. When the tours to which we submit our diesel are short and the temperature does not reach usually the extent necessary for its regeneration, the filter can become clogged. And that is where the problems begin.

The diesel is not the best option if your driving is primarily urban, or routes considerably short.

The repair of a FAP or its replacement is expensive, although in many cases, the obstruction is solved with a cleaning workshop. The car loses performance when your filter is clogged, and you can enter a failsafe mode that reduces its acceleration or limits the maximum engine rpm to prevent further damage to the FAP. The solution of many is the annulment physics of the particle filter. The filter is empty and the engine electronics are reprogrammed and sent that to ignore its absence in the combustion process and exhaust.


what Should I dismount the particle filter of my car?

all Of a sudden, the answer is negative. The car was designed with the particulate filter as a key element of its system anti-pollution, and avoids the emission of soot particles cancer. Particles that pass directly to your respiratory system, and the initial reason for which is claimed the installation of these filters. Your car will pollute more, and in the world in which we live, this is not ethical precisely. Not emit more CO2, only to emit more particles.

how Is this legal? What will happen at the MOT?

The legality of these reforms is dubious: are modifications that alter the type-approval of factory car and cause that to emit more particulate pollutants than they should. Could be considered a reform of importance is not approved, technically. The MOT does not check physically that the particle filters of the cars are emptied, but the increasing number of operations are to be emptied and the entrance to the years of many cars equipped with FAP/DPF have made the State Attorney General’s office is put the batteries.

revision-tdi-volkswagen-1The Prosecution has asked ITV to closely monitor the existence of cars with their particulate filters emptied. Will have problems to pass the MOT if it detects this flush. That is, a car with the particulate filter emptying can still pass the MOT. The stations do not analyze comprehensively the emissions of the cars, but could begin to do so very soon: in light of recent scandals that have shaken the automotive industry, is to monitor pollution more closely than ever.

In the MOT is measured by the opacity of the exhaust gases, and although a car with the DPF emptied through without problem this test, a level above the average – even within the margins of legal – could give clues to the operators about cars with systems, anti-pollution souped-up and motivate further inspection.

Source: EFE Motor
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