Ends the production of the BMW Z4 after 115.000 units made

bmw-z4-2 BMW Z4 is dismissed after 14 years on the market. In 2002 was released this roadster that served as a replacement to the BMW Z3. The first generation was seven years between us, and subsequently in 2009 came the second generation known as Z4 E89. And after other seven years, this model is dismissed. The last drive of the Z4 came out of the plant Regensburg (Germany) last Monday, August 22.

This latest BMW Z4 E89 manufactured it is an sDrive35is, top of the range and the same that we had the chance to test a long time ago. This model carries a motor six-cylinder in-line 3.0-liter that develops 340 HP and 450 Nm of torque. The last Z4 takes the version of the engine N54, the same that wore the BMW 1M Coupe. Later replaced by the block N55 and now for the B58. This unit has been painted with the color orange and Valencia Orange.

bmw-z4-6The second-generation BMW Z4 was initially only offered with six-cylinder engines. Although in 2011 the downsizing arrived at this model and were mounted mechanical four-cylinder engine in the sDrive20i and sDrive28i. Another of the curiosities of the roadster in that has never received diesel engines. And I say that is a curiosity considering the trend that there are currently in Europe for this kind of mechanical.

What is certain is that the BMW Z4 is fired, and still we do not have a successor to the view. We know that the BMW Z5 will be the first model born under this collaboration between BMW and Toyota. But this model is not expected to reach at least until 2018. The philosophy coupe models Z will continue with the new vehicle, but you will lose one of its key elements. It is expected that the Z5 use a canvas roof that replaces the retractable hard top of the Z4. In any case we will have to wait to get all the details in a formal manner.

Source – Bimmertoday

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