Engine.is, co-driver of Carlos Sainz in a Renault RS01 in the Jarama


Photo: Engine.is

Engine.it was present at the Carlos & Tito organized by Estrella Galicia 0’0, sponsor of the Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz, who made his debut this season in the highest category, and Tito Rabat, which will play in 2016 the MotoGP championship. After the press conference, came the moment in which the journalists were able to get on the Renault RS01 driven by carlos Sainz, or the CBR1000 piloted by Rabat. Our editor got in the car and enjoyed the unique experience of giving a couple of laps of the circuit in a GT of more than 500 horsepower and reached, despite the bumps in the track, a top speed of almost 270 km/h. The face of everyone who made a co-pilot of carlos Sainz or ‘package’ of Rabat to the lower spoke for itself, and his first response was almost always the same: “one pass”, “amazing”. When I was already finishing the event, we asked Carlos if it was long: “No, never. Is to lead, and one never tires of driving”.

Before, in the turn of questions, both had expressed the desire to change sports for a while and get on the madrid to a MotoGP bike and the Catalan to a Formula 1: “right Now, in my head, in addition to shooting with my Toro Rosso, what I want to do is try, or a MotoGP bike that already are big words or something lesser that I can have fun a little more, might be like a Moto3 or Moto2 that has a little more under control. Would be happy”, stated Sainz. “I the same, I wish I could try it,”, said Rabat. The Toro Rosso acknowledged the difficulty of making an event to test a Formula 1, for the necessary people and for the cost, but he promised to help Barcelona to achieve this: “I will throw down a hand, I am convinced that you would do much better than any normal person of the street. So with that we like the curves, the engine and the wheels”.

in Addition, each one spoke of their favorites in the sport of another: “From very small I liked a lot of Schumacher. I saw the races and he was my idol, and I loved it when he won with the Ferrari,”, confessed to Rabat. More diplomatic was Carlos: I Might take a lot of a lot of riders, especially the fantastic four, I might take a little bit of each. It seems to Me that there are four riders very different but all are at the same level. I would like to have the aggressiveness of Marc Marquez, the head of Rossi, the fineness of Lorenzo the ride and the style of Pedrosa. All have a little bit of his charisma and I like four a lot”.

With respect to your sponsor, and referred to Carlos Sainz to the brand:

“To me, Estrella Galicia brings to me a lot, and I don’t say because we’re here. When a brand is committed by young people, says a lot about the brand. He says that is not coupled to success, which is very easy to catch a world champion and support you, but I in 2013 I was going through a very complicated, because it was not my best year, and still decided to support me. He was to join me, and start to receive the successes, that all rodase much more soft, to win the World Series with a record of wins, points, poles and all, and come to the Formula 1 and to have a first very good year. A brand that bet when it is still not all done, but everything to do, says a lot”.