Engines customer is, what the best option for McLaren and Red Bull? Gallagher is of the opinion that yes


After the Bahrain Grand Prix, Helmut Marko came back to insist on its approach to include a biker independent in the Formula 1. The relationship they have with their current supplier of engines was even more impaired when Renault buying Lotus to re-stand as a team in Formula 1.

Red Bull is harmed by not having a proprietary engine.

Mark Gallagher, former owner of the English company that since joining the premier class of motor racing in the late ’60s along with Lotus, Cosworth, believes that the new interest of the French will play against you. “Although they have the help of a supplier of propellers very good, Renault, these last have their own team in F1, and it is obvious that that is your primary goal”.

The british, who already work in the team of the energy drink in 2005, he joked with the possibility that Dr. Marko has put a notice on your calendar to repeat their warning to leave when the end of the agreement relating to the thrust force, making reference to the great number of occasions that the austrian has employed this tactic.

Let’s be clear: McLaren wants the money from Honda as much as your engine.

“I truly Believe that you deserve to have a distributor by and for them”, says Gallagher Sky Sports F1. “Not a engine client either, but one tailored for your car, because the reality is that, today, the power unit is a vital component in the F1 current; they are not the engines of the detachable type, as if a battery were”

Red Bull should not be on the second plate of any engine provider.

The thrusters that are mounted in the cars of today are very skilled workers, and the employer claims that motorists as Cosworth “would be able to make the grade”. The dream of Ross Brawn, and confessed by himself at the start of the season, is that the F1 has drivers independent, offering variety of choice to the teams in the paddock. However, the increased costs that would bring with that decision made them to turn back.

“I do Not understand the situation that they are spending so much McLaren as Red Bull when there are suppliers of thrusters are available for a budget that could afford it without even batting an eye. Taking into account the aerodynamic development, they could actually begin with the process of building your own engine program”.

“In my opinion, you have to wonder to what extent it is worth not being able to win championships and finish the season with a lot less money for your place in the constructors, while the supplier is the one who pays you that amount”.